Nissan has always been known for being on the bleeding edge of automotive technology, and today they've made a bold step towards the car of the future. Earlier today, Nissan released video demonstrating its Piloted Drive system. For Nissan, this new automotive innovation started with a question; "What could we achieve in our commute time if we didn't have to drive?"

The answer, for Nissan, is quite a bit. Which is why the Piloted Drive system is receiving such high profile attention. Autonomous driving vehicles are nothing new, relatively speaking, but not available commercially for the most part. Nissan aims to change that with the Piloted Drive system. Rather than having fully autonomous vehicles without passengers, Nissan aims to deploy vehicles that can be operated both manually and autonomously, and dynamically switch between the two modes based on the driver's immediate needs.

Best of all, Nissan is planning to implement these features across a wide range of vehicles in its fleet within the next four years. The future truly is closer than we think and Nissan aims to be the automaker to usher it in. So if you'd like to own a vehicle that is at the forefront of automotive technology, look no further than Nissan. Visit us at Kocourek Nissan to test drive a new Nissan today!

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