If you're like some of the folks here at Kocourek Nissan, you're a gamer. Like many of us, you love that video games give you the opportunity to depart from the reality, and explore new boundless worlds and experiences. Well, fellow gamers, today you're in luck because Nissan enjoys games as much as we do. That's why it recently debuted one of its most dynamic new concept vehicles on the virtual tracks of the popular upcoming racing game, Gran Turismo Sport.

For those of you who haven't heard of the Gran Turismo video game franchise, it has been one of the most high-fidelity virtual racing simulators available since the first game launched in 1997. Having featured many supercars over the years, this year, it plays host to the latest design from Nissan, the dynamic 2020 Vision GT. What many may not realize is that is vehicle is actually the product of Nissan's design team, coordinating jointly between Japan and London, to create a realistic concept of future sports cars. Designed with efficiency and speed in mind, this vehicle features a low, wide body, complete with an adjustable spoiler wing for added down force, and air channels that tunnel through the vehicle, reducing the overall surface area that is exposed to wind resistance.

Gran Turismo Sport will be releasing later this year, but if you simply can't wait to get behind the wheel of a new Nissan vehicle, visit us at Kocourek Nissan for a test drive today!

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