We know that the Wausau and Appleton areas are in the market for a great vehicle, great deal or service that they can trust. With our help we know you can get all that and more. We are the place to turn to when it comes to finding a dealership that you can count on, and we wanted to take a moment to really elaborate. Check out the top seven reasons that you should buy from Kocourek Nissan in the details below.

Reason 1: Transparent Online Shopping Experience

Our main goal is to provide all of our customers with an incredible experience no matter what. We aim to be completely transparent throughout any facet of the car buying process, because we know that very decision you make is one that can effect your entire life.

Reason 2: Flexible Financing Options

Another reason that we are an excellent dealership for Merrill and Stevens Point area residents to make their own is because of our financial department. We have incredible experts on hand that will work with you, no matter what your budget or credit status is. Remaining flexible helps us to put you first.

Reason 3: At Home Test Drives and Delivery

With these very unique and changing times, we know that it can be both challenging and discomforting to attempt a visit to our dealership. We want to keep customers safe, and we also want to ensure total convenience. We have no issue with scheduling an at home test drive for you, or even delivering the vehicle to you when you decide it is the right fit.

Reason 4: Non-Commissioned Sales Staff

Another way that we ensure that our customers always come first, is by paying our sales staff a fair wage that is not commissioned based. When you work with a sales person that makes the majority of their profit on commission, you can sometimes be pushed into a deal or purchase that you aren’t quite ready for. By paying all our staff a fair wage, we are able to avoid those commission based conflicts. This way, we can easily ensure that you are buying the right vehicle at the right price.

Reason 5: Virtual Vehicle Tours

Because of Covid-19, we know that many of you are doing your shopping online. We are proud to say that we have evolved with you, and can provide you with excellent information all online. We now offer virtual tours of the vehicle that you are interested in. This way, you can really get a solid look at the model, without ever having to leave the safety of your own home.

Reason 6: Free Vehicle History Report

If you are in the market for a used model, we can easily provide you with a vehicle history report, totally free. This way you can feel confident when you aren’t your vehicles original owner.

Reason 7: Expert Nissan Service

Finally, residents in Wausau, Appleton and beyond, choose us because of the incredible servicing options that we can provide. We are always here to help with routine maintenance, or something more serious.

We at Kocourek Nissan are very excited to work with you through the process of finding the right vehicle, or servicing the one you already own. We welcome you to reach out to us today with any questions or concerns, or to hear more reasons why we are the best place for you to find success. We look forward to working with you!

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